Karnataka villagers reduce carbon emissions by using biogas

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Doddapalli (Karnataka), Dec 5 (ANI): At a time when the world pressure is on India to rein in its 'carbon intensity', a non-descript village in Karnataka has set an example by choosing biogas over the conventional firewood hence, unknowingly pitching in its bit towards reducing carbon emissions.

The lives of the residents of Doddapalli village located in Bagepalli sub-division of Kolar district in the state have changed drastically after opting for biogas.

At present around 80 biogas plants are operating successfully in the village and more are being set up.

Earlier the women in Doddapalli had to go to the nearby forest area everyday to collect firewood for cooking but today, after the installation of biogas plants in their backyards, they are happy with this cleaner fuel and also to help save the environment.

"Well, the government has been extending all assistance to us in setting up of these bio-gas plants.

Thanks to the biogas, no more the trees are felled for firewood and thus they are saved. As for the hygiene and health aspects, we do not have smoke bothering the eyes," said Gowri, a villager.

"Earlier we had to endure lot of problems, ranging from headache and burning of eyes due to smoke from the burning of firewood. But now all those worries are over. Back from working in the fields, be it coffee or meals, every item is prepared in a neat way. The utensils are soot free. A great benefit, I must say," said Kamala, another villager.

Apart from the cooking needs, the residue of the livestock dung from the biogas plant is also ideal manure for the fields.

It also reduces the risk of diseases like pneumonia, cataract, tuberculosis which are quite common in households using firewood stoves.

After switching to biogas and getting rid of smoke from the conventional stoves, the health of the villagers has also improved tremendously.

Presently around 80 biogas plants are functioning at Doddapalli and more residents from here as well as other villages are eager to set up similar non-conventional energy plants.

Subsidies extended by the government have further encouraged the villagers to come forth to set up the biogas plants in the backyards of their abodes.

Central Government has also initiated a project to equip the rural households with efficient cooking stoves in an effort to reduce air pollution. (ANI)

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