Heavy snorers '50pc more likely to develop diabetes'

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London, Dec 5 (ANI): Heavy snorers face an increased risk of developing diabetes, say scientists.

According to researchers, frequent snorers are up to 50 per cent more likely to develop diabetes than those who sleep silently at night.

Researchers claim that people who snore regularly are more prone to changes in body metabolism that lead to the disorder. Complications include heart attacks or strokes, reports The Daily Express.

However, treatment for chronic snoring slashes the risk of diabetes, suggested study of a snoring-related condition called sleep apnoea at Yale ­University in the United States.

Muscles in the airways relax as sleep begins but sleep apnoea causes a complete collapse that shuts off breathing leading to the brain jolting sufferers awake throughout the night.

The study concluded: "Sleep apnoea is significantly associated with the risk of type 2 ­diabetes, independently of other risk factors such as age, race, sex or weight. And an increase in the severity of snoring is associated with a raised risk of ­diabetes." (ANI)

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