Bangalore women train in martial arts

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Bangalore, Dec 5 (ANI): An increasing number of women are getting drawn to martial arts.

Besides fitness, these women believe a self defence training adds to their self confidence and keeping any eve teaser at bay.

Now women in this IT city are also practicing martial arts.

Priyanka a martial arts practitioner, who is also an office goer says, that the sport has become a necessity in her day-to-day life and now she feels confident while walking on the streets knowing that she can protect herself.

"I think it is very useful. It has given me a lot of confidence because now I know that I can walk on the streets with confidence. Even if something happens to me I can take care of myself. I walk on the streets with so much faith and confidence in myself that now nobody can attack me. I can now avoid most of the things that could harm me, "said Priyanka.

During the training, under the watchful eyes of a martial arts trainer, the girls are learning latest methods on resisting people who may block them.

According to martial arts instructor Ashwin Mohan, "Violence against women has increased but, I think, awareness has increased too, which is why we get more girls from this kind of training. Women are not willing to put up this kind of stuff anymore, this kind of physical abuse is not cool at all. This kind of attitude is what is bringing more people to learn this art."

Though the girls have to maintain a balance between their home, studies and the sport, they have dreams to achieve something in life. That is what keeps them going in daily life. (ANI)

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