Shahrukh Khan spreads awareness on need to protect environment

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Mumbai, Dec 2 (ANI): Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has called for mass awareness on environment protection by saying little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Addressing a gathering at the screening and a photo exhibition on 'Environment Protection' organised by Consulate General of France here on Tuesday, Khan said: "Every individual must be utmost cautious and not to waste natural resources, be it water or any other entity.

"I don't think we are cautious about such small things. But it is necessary to take notice. It might be possible that in our lifetime nothing happens, but as the new years come, I am sure some problems will definitely be there. Although there are talks that the world will end, universe will collapse but I think it might not collapse by some external factor but we ourselves will end up destroying it, like the way we have been doing it. So I think it's an important aspect," he said.

He said that one fantastic thing is that environmental studies have been introduced as an academic topic in schools.

"Most of us who live in big towns or live in economically-forward countries, I think we give less notice to such things. We generally neglect them. Even if I am thinking about such things in over the last one-two years, it is because of such movements or talks by NGOs which make you feel once or twice such as) while shaving to close the tap and to do other small things. And one good thing I have realised while teaching my children is that environmental studies have been introduced as a subject in school for the last 4-5 years. So that's a very good thing," he added.

Environment protection and climate change have come to the forefront on various issues, particularly ahead of the climate summit in Copenhagen this month to be attended by most of the world leaders.

Developing countries including India and China are among the most threatened by climate change, but their huge populations mean they will still be heavily reliant on burning fossil fuels to try to lift millions out of poverty.

The UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that global warming could raise sea levels up to 58 centimetres and submerge low-lying islands by 2100. (ANI)

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