Foreign aircraft violate Indian Air Space 11 times in last one year

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New Delhi, Dec 2 (ANI): Defence Minister A K Antony on Wednesday stated in the Rajya Sabha that in last one year India witnessed 11 air violations by the foreign aircraft.

In a written reply, Antony stated that Pakistan intruded six times into the Indian Air space, while China did the same three times and the US aircrafts twice.

He said five Pakistani unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and a fixed wing medium aircraft intruded into Indian air space between December 2008 to September this year.

A slow moving aircraft and four Chinese helicopters entered the Indian side during May and June, while a transport and a cargo aircraft belonging to the US Air Force entered Indian territory in June and October respectively.

Pakistani UAVs entered Indian space on December 27, 2008, January 12-13, February 2, March 15, and September 23 this year. A fixed wing medium sized aircraft of Pakistan intruded into Indian air space on August 5.

A slow moving aircraft of China intruded into Indian space on May 13, and two helicopters each violated Indian space on June 24 and 26.

A Russian made AN 132 transport aircraft of the US Air Force intruded into Indian space on June 19, while another transport aircraft was intruded on October 10. Both these flights made a forced landing at the Mumbai Airport. (ANI)

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