Rishikesh musical instruments echo around the world

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Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), Dec 1 (ANI): Rishikesh is not only a well-known pilgrimage centre but also a destination for buyers of high quality traditional musical instruments.

Makers of musical instruments here are so adept in the art that they have even mastered the design and manufacture of Didgeridoo, an Australian aboriginal wind instrument.

Rechristened the Himalayan Didgeridoo, this instrument of Down Under also known as Didjeridu or Didgeis, one of the most popular of variety of musical gadgets made by an artisan named Mukesh Dhiman.

His mastery in the making of this instrument could be gauged from the fact that he had to set up an exclusive unit for the manufacture of Himalayan Didgeridoo to meet the constant global demand that has grown over the past 13 years.

Apart from musicians and music lovers, scores of foreign tourists visit his musical instrument workshop, which he has aptly named as Jungle Vibes.I learnt to make this instrument around 30 to 35 years ago, when I ......heard the tune that was being played by an instrument made from bamboo. Since then, I have been fond of that tune. Gradually, I started manufacturing the instrument and selling it at a very low price to the foreigners. The tourists love to play this instrument, which always has been in high demand over here," said Dhiman.

He further said that he feels very proud to have earned kudos in countries like Israel, Germany, Japan, Africa, Spain, Portugal, America and even Australia, the home of Didgeridoo.

Dhiman also trains the tourists and the music lovers in making the instrument as well as play it.

"I have known Mukesh Dhiman for over four years now. I feel very happy to come here and learn the art of playing Didgeridoo," said Siliana, a tourist from Argentina.

Besides ensuring high quality, the handmade Himalayan Didgeridoo is very economical. The cost of this instrument ranges between 400 rupees to rupees 3,000. (ANI)

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