Radio Pakistan continues to harp on condition of Sikhs in Punjab

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Abohar, Nov.30 (ANI): The Punjabi Durbar programme of Radio Pakistan seems to be disappointed with the response of Sikh population in the border areas to its programmes which continue to harp on the theme that Sikhs are discriminated against in India. The programme continues to harp on the theme that Sikhs are ill treated in Punjab. But Sikhs in Punjab refuse to be provoked.

Professor R. Ranade, who is familiar with the political scene in Punjab, points out that there is 'Punjabism' dominating the scene. This has been the history of Punjab ever since Independence. All the Chief Ministers of the State either belong to Sikh community or from rural background. Even in the neighbour States-Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, he tells people of different religions and castes live together.

"India has a minority commission, independent judiciary and judges whereas Judiciary has been under stress in Pakistan. Pakistan is a religious country. In India , high posts like the Governor, President, Prime Minister and Chairman of planning commission belong to different communities."Prof. R. Ranade said.

Radio Pakistan's recent allegation is ridiculous, as the world has seen how much the India has faith in the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh, a Sikh by religion but an Indian in heart. The world is a witnessed how India has been led by all communities, including Sikhs, on different occasions.

People in Punjab have elected Shiromani Akal Dal (SAD)-Bharatiya Janata Party combine to govern them. The Punjabis are today one of the well-off people of the country.

Broadcasters of Radio Pakistan should refresh their general knowledge and remember India has had many Sikhs occupying top posts of the country such as of President of India, Army Chief, Prime Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission.

It would be quite beneficial for Pakistan if its Radio broadcasters could throw light inwards and focus on the condition of Sikhs within Pakistan, as was witnessed in Swat Valley. (ANI)

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