Maoists attack on forest official exposes Naxal claims

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Raipur, Nov 30 (ANI): As the curtains were down for the first phase of the Jharkhand elections and the security personnel were busy in protecting the state borders, a forest official in the remote Indagaon range along the Orissa -Chattisgarh border went down fighting the Maoists for the cause of protecting the environment.

The incident has exposed Maoists claims that they are fighting to preserve the forests in the interest of tribals. Villagers of the area are now aware that their objective is to ensure their rule in the forests, which they want to exploit for their purposes.

On Friday, on receiving information that smugglers are taking logs from the interior forests, Deputy Ranger of Indgaon forests, Gokul Tanday, along with two of his personnel went to the spot, which was deep inside the forest along Orissa border.

In this tough terrain Tandy and his men encountered the Naxalites. The Naxals asked Tandy to come with them and forced others to return back.

Next day the police recovered the body of Gokul Tandy body from the forest. The body had clear marks of injuries from sharp weapons, indicating brutal attack on him by Naxals.

The Maosits involvement with the forest mafia and smuggling the rich natural wealth has also become a big cause of worry for the tribals, who are known for worshiping Mother Nature. (ANI)

Maoists take to violence ahead of second phase of polls |National[Ranchi{Ranchi/ Raipur, Nov.30 (AN): Disappointed by the public response to their call for two-day closure, Maoists are stepping up violent incidents in their effort to limit public response to the second phase of State Assembly elections in the State. .

Three security personnel were injured in a landmine blast triggered by the Maoists in Chatra in Jharkhand on Monday, the second day of their two-day shutdown.

The security persons' vehicle ran over a landmine when they were patrolling. The injured had to be airlifted to Ranchi, the State capital, for treatment.

The Maoists have increased attacks on railways and power and telecommunication networks to create an environment of fear.

In another incident, Maoist rebels damaged an under construction barrack for the paramilitary forces, in Chhattisgarh.

The barrack was being built for the Border Security Force (BSF) in PC 34 village of Kanker district.

Several armed rebels reached the construction site at night and destroyed the barrack.hey also planted a tiffin bomb at the site.

The incident failed to deter the officials who plan to carry on the construction work at the same place.

"They had come at around 1 in night and took away the material lying there and also threw away some material... The barrack will be constructed at the same place only and the BSF will make it," said R.K. Sharma, Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), Pankhajur.

Campaigning in India's poll-bound Jharkhand state slowed down during the 48-hour shutdown called by the Maoists as part of their poll boycott campaign, party workers said on Monday (November 30).

"Campaigning work is getting impeded due to shutdown. We are working from our offices, and even here people are finding it difficult to move around due to the shutdown," Dinesh Mahato, a BJP party worker in Khunti district said.

The first phase of polls in the state for 26 assembly seats was held on November 25.

The second phase of polls in the state, including many of the Maoists affected areas, would be held on December 2, for 14 assembly seats. (ANI)

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