Elephants to be a thing of past in Lucknow Zoo

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Lucknow, Nov 24 (ANI): Elephants will not be allowed in Lucknow Zoo As per the directive of the central zoo authority.

The directive says that the elephants are too big to be kept in the zoo and they should either be left in the forests or in the wild life sanctuaries.

Renu Singh, director of Lucknow Zoo said that this circular was very good keeping in mind the welfare of animals.

"We got a circular from central Zoo authority two days back and it says that elephants will be banned from the zoo. According to them the elephants are very big animals they are mega herbivorous. In the forests they cover large distances whereas in the zoo they are confined to a small place and they can't get enough exercise and they don't even breed in the zoo. Sometimes male elephants even attack visitors that creates big problems, "said Renu Singh.

Pankaj Singh, a visitor, to the zoo said that he would feel sad if he does not find elephants next time he came to the zoo.

"If this is the case with the elephants then even the tigers and the lions should be moved out of the zoo and I will feel sad when I come next time and don't find the elephants here," said Singh. (ANI)

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