Barmaid dares Oz premier to take lie detector test to defy sex-scandal allegations

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Adelaide, Nov. 24 (ANI): The Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann, has been challenged by a former parliament barmaid to take a lie detector test after he strongly denied having had sex with her.

Michelle Chantelois called Rann sleazy, while he insisted their relationship was flirty.

"If he wants to take a lie detector test, go for it, because I am willing to do it, right here and right now," quoted Chantelois, as saying.

Rann has outrightly denied having any physical relationship with Chantelois.

"Last night's Channel 7 program was, in my view, outrageous. There was a whole series of things that were said on the program that were totally and absolutely false," he said.

"There were suggestions that I had sex on the floor of Parliament House in my office between meetings while Parliament was sitting. Anyone of you who is a political reporter knows how absolutely ridiculous and absurd that would be."

"I am constantly surrounded by advisers, members of parliament come in and out, ministers come in and out, staff come in and out, members of the opposition come in and out," he added.

"The suggestion that I would have sex on a golf course in Adelaide, as a fairly visible citizen of this state, is totally, absolutely, ridiculous."

Rann, who said he would take legal action against the Seven Network and New Idea, confirmed he had a friendship with Chantelois.

"That friendship was one that was based on confidences and discussions. It was funny, it was flirty, just like any other friendship would be. But there is a real, real difference between that friendship and what has been said."

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has defended Rann, saying: "Mike's a great guy. And a first-class Premier." (ANI)

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