French spy described Hitler as 'German Mussolini' in 1924

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London, Nov. 21 (ANI): In 1924, a French spy had described Adolf Hitler as "the German Mussolini" who was "not an idiot but a very cunning demagogue," a recently discovered document has revealed.

The document has emerged from obscurity as part of a major overhaul of the French National Archives, The Telegraph reports.

The report also features a photograph of Hitler in a suit and tie, sporting his trademark side-parting and moustache, and lists his occupation as "journalist".

"He is not an idiot but rather a very cunning demagogue," the report by an anonymous agent says.

Without raising any alarm about Hitler's intentions to launch the Second World War, the agent presents the Nazi dictator as "the German Mussolini" and notes that he runs paramilitary groups "of the fascist type."

Part of a huge archive from 1920s, the Hitler report will soon be available for historians to study, along with tens of thousands of other papers dating back to the French occupation of Germany.

These documents were transported to Paris in 1930 and have been stored ever since in the bowels of the National Archives, housed in an early 18th century residence. (ANI)

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