Babies born from 2010, Gen A, to be history's most educated generation

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Melbourne, November 15 (ANI): Babies born from 2010 will form new Generation Alpha, the most formally educated generation in history, experts believe.

Researcher Mark McCrindle, the author of a new book about global generations, The ABC Of XYZ, explained Gen A babies would begin school earlier and study for longer as compared to those from previous generations.

"As the children of older, wealthier parents with fewer siblings and more entertainment and technological options, it's likely they'll be the most materially supplied generation ever," quoted him as telling The Sunday Telegraph.

The McCrindle Research director further added that much would have to do with the material aspect, with research groups showing one-third of Australian households splashing more than 500 dollars per child per year.

He said: "Half of the toys children have are electric or battery-powered, which are more expensive. These 'Google' kids are really being shaped in a world of technology and consumerism."

But social commentator Neer Korn warned: "What we can't predict is (whether) the opposite could happen and there could be a backlash. There are already discussions about kids starting school at six - so a reassessment may be taking place." (ANI)

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