Muslims must quit British armed forces, says Khamenei's envoy

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London, Nov 14(ANI): Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's Special Envoy to Britain has called on Muslim servicemen and women in the British armed forces to quit service, saying their involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is forbidden by Islam.

Abdolhossein Moezi said that it was wrong for followers of Islam to serve in western armed forces, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq, where Muslims are being killed.

"Not only do I not accept it for Muslims to go there, I don't accept non-Muslims to go there as well. We say that Muslims are not allowed to go and kill Muslims. Do you think Christians are allowed to go and kill Muslims?" The Times quoted Moezi, as saying.

He also insisted that his role as the Director of the Islamic Centre of England was to provide spiritual advice to all Muslims, irrespective of their sectarian backgrounds, and to encourage them to become more involved in British society through education and employment.

He said the centre is working with police and other authorities to improve relations between the Muslim community and wider Britain.

"My personal belief is that if Muslim migrants are better Muslims in this society, they can shape their individual lives in a better way and could be better members to this society," Moezi said. (ANI)

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