Drunk Russian survives five-storey fall - twice!

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Melbourne, Nov 14 (ANI): A drunk Russian man decided to end it all by jumping from a fifth floor balcony, but when the first attempt did not work, he went for a second and still survived.

Alexei Roskov, 22, had been guzzling three bottles of vodka and his wife Yekaterina watched in horror as he opened the kitchen window of their Moscow apartment, and dived out.

Astonishingly he survived, and staggered back upstairs with barely a scratch after the 15m fall, but as his wife called for an ambulance and began to scold him, he decided to jump again.

When the paramedics arrived Roskov was only treated for minor cuts and bruises before he was released.

Roskov, who says he is now teetotal after giving up drinking, says he was prompted to jump the second time after his wife screamed at him.

"Now I can say just one thing - I was very lucky," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"I have no idea why I jumped the first time but when I came back up and I heard my wife screaming angrily at me I thought it was best if I left the room again - out of the window," he added. (ANI)

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