Sexsomniac goes unpunished for sex crime!

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Toronto, November 13 (ANI): A man in Toronto who sexually assaulted a woman back in 2003 has been left unpunished as he is claimed to be suffering from sexsomnia.

Jan Luedecke had engaged in sexual intercourse with a woman without consent after binge drinking at a house party six years ago.

However, the Ontario Review Board has let him free explaining that he is not a significant threat to public safety.

The board wrote in its unanimous decision: "Mr. Luedecke has been living in a community without any difficulty whatsoever since the ... offence more than six years ago."

Luedecke had in fact indulged in "sleep sex" with four former girlfriends before the assault, reports the Globe and Mail.

However, psychiatrist Lisa Ramshaw explained to the board that Luedecke experienced "considerable shame and embarrassment."

According to the board, she mentioned he was "less likely to repeat the behavior." (ANI)

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