Multi-million pound UK company imposes "toilet tax" to save expenses!

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London, Nov 13 (ANI): A multi-million pound company in the UK has come up with an "outrageous" plan to save expenses - workers are charged on the amount of time they spend in the restroom and their salary is deducted accordingly.

Although, Dunbia, the Ulster-based meat supplying company says the scheme was implemented due to health and safety issues and an additional allowance was being given to cover the "toilet tax, some of the 300 people employed with the firm are disappointed that it is costing them nearly 30pounds a week to answer the nature's call."

Employees are outraged the company with an annual turnover of 460million pounds was using such gimmicks to dock money from their wages.

"Dunbia is making money every time a worker visits the loo and that money is coming out of the workers' wage packets. It's outrageous that in 2009 workers have to endure the indignity of clocking out for toilet breaks," the Daily Express quoted Cathy Rudderforth, regional officer for the Unite union, as saying.

She added: "We've made numerous attempts to speak to Dunbia on behalf of our members in recent weeks only to be given the runaround by a company which clearly wishes to avoid any form of challenge to the manner in which it treats its employees."

Former employee Miroslaw Mataga, 28, who claims to have been fired after she protested against the practice, said: "I felt very uncomfortable with the situation. If I went to the toilet it would take around 15 minutes a day which over the week was costing me between 25 pounds to 30 pounds."

"I am speaking up because bosses are not treating workers in a dignified manner," he added.

However, the company with 11 factories across the UK and Ireland, has defended its move.

A spokesman said: "To ensure that employees do not suffer financial disadvantage, Dunbia increases employees' weekly wage to compensate for toilet breaks." (ANI)

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