Cancer survivor, 58, wins #1m on Lotto scratchcard - by mistake!

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London, Nov 12 (ANI): A British woman couldn't believe her fortune when she won 1million pounds on a Lotto scratchcard that was handed to her by mistake.

The 58-year-old Audrey White from Felixstowe, Suffolk, had asked for a 2pound card but was given a 5pound one inadvertently.

"When the lady who was serving me went to give me my card she said 'I'm sorry I've ripped off the wrong one'," the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

She said: "She apologised and went to get the right card, but I just laughed and said, 'Oh give me that one it's fine'."

She added: "I put the card in my bag and forgot all about it until later that evening.

"When I scratched the card and saw that I had matched the lucky symbol my first thought was that at least I had got my #5 back as I knew the scratchcard was one that had a minimum prize value of #5. When I scratched off the bit which shows you how much you have won and saw #1million I thought I must have made a mistake."

The mother of three is still startled to have won the money and continues to work at the Palace bingo and cinema complex in Felixstowe.

She said: "I won the money on the Friday and I was back on the bus to work the next day. It hasn't really sunk in yet."

Audrey, who struggled with cancer, now plans to pay off her 68,000pound mortgage.

Three years ago her bank had demanded her to pay 18,000 pounds immediately or vacate the house for a 1976 debt and she had won the right to stay in the house only after a bitter legal battle.

But now Audrey has a new life ahead, although she has no inkling of what it would be like.he said: "When you have had to budget all your life, getting rich is pretty difficult to get used to. I am finding it very hard adjusting."

"I'm going to do a few home improvements such as a conservatory. And I plan to help my children. But I don't drive so I won't need a flash car and I don't like the heat so I won't be going on any exotic holidays," she added. (ANI)

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