1.5lbs of nails, coins removed from Peruvian's stomach!

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London, Nov 12 (ANI): Peruvian doctors have extracted nearly 1.5 pounds of metal - nails, coins, rusted copper wire and scrap metal - from a man's belly.

Requelme Abanto, 26, is a construction worker, who had been eating metals for quite some time. fter the operation, Abanto said doctors called him a "hardware store", reported the Telegraph.

Carlos Delgado, a surgeon at the Cajamarca hospital, where Abanto was operated upon, said he was stunned to see a heap of metal in the patient's stomach.

He explained that initially that had thought Abanto had appendicitis, but they were baffled to have found "a hole in his stomach".

Dr Delgado added that Abanto's mental health was being assessed.

Abanto told Peru's Channel 9 television that he might now eat metal in public "as sport".

He revealed that he had swallowed 17 five-inch nails in a day, earlier in the year. (ANI)

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