Village students to get world-class education through Edyounet TeleClassrooms

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Kochi, Nov 10 (ANI/Business Wire India): From now on, village students in India can get world-class education in their villages itself!

With a concept called 'TeleClassrooms', made available by Edyounet Technologies, a Kerala based education software firm, excellent education can be brought to the remotest places in India. "Here further, no one in India will be deprived of quality education" comments Mr. Ram Mohan, CEO of Edyounet Technologies (

Edyounet TeleClassroom is a simple concept deployed brilliantly! State-of-the-art Education Studios are being set up in various cities in India, where excellent education is available. These Education Studios are connected with hi-tech 'TeleClassrooms' through a specially configured network. TeleClassrooms are digital classrooms which are equipped with Large LCD Television Screens and other audio and computer gadgets.

Educational courses, mainly of Job oriented 'vocational courses', are transmitted from Education Studios to these TeleClassrooms on real time! Large LCD television and audio equipments create a real life classroom feel for the participants!

But the real beauty lies in its interactive capability. Students who attend lectures in any TeleClassroom can ask their doubts and clarify them instantaneously. "This is more like a video conference" says Ram Mohan "but is tweaked more towards education purpose".

"Quality education is a serious concern in India. World's largest youth population needs to be provided with excellent quality education. But affordable means to reach to the millions of students who live far away from cities were not available till today. TeleClassrooms are the best possible remedy now. The advent and growth of internet technologies are here to help us" Mr. Ram Mohan narrates.

TeleClassrooms typically work on a special network created on the back bone of internet. Edyounet Technologies have already tied up with leading data service operators for such connectivity across the nooks and corners of India.

Many well known Educational Institutions have evinced interest in offering their courses through this medium. For them, reaching out to so many students who are otherwise not reachable, is a boon.

Edyounet TeleClassrooms are set up with private partnership. The initial round of survey evoked excellent response from small entrepreneurs who are willing to set up such futuristic learning centers. The main attraction for them is a decent business with no hassles, relatively lower initial investment and extremely low running cost. "The very idea of providing excellent education to the deserving people in and around their home village or town enthralled many entrepreneurs than the possibility of starting a hi-tech business enterprise" remembers Mohan. "Many of them seem to have realized the value and necessity of providing best education to their future generation!".

Edyounet Technologies is all set to revolutionize the way education is offered in India. Unlike the IT Enabled Education providers who focus on teaching students abroad, Edyounet takes a much needed inward look - teaching the rural kids! If this business model succeeds as its fully tested technology, Edyounet is confident of transforming the future of the country.

"For a change, this time technology is there for the betterment of common people!" says Mohan. (ANI)

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