Brit households pour 470m pounds of wine down the plughole every year

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London, Nov 10 (ANI): British households pour away 470 million pounds worth of wine down the drain every year, it has emerged.

The figures have been collected for the Waste and Resource Action Programme (Wrap), advisers to the Government, which has called upon people to freeze leftover wine and use it for cooking as part of its measures to slash the UK's carbon footprint.

Nearly 1.8 million tonnes of food and drink from homes find their way to the sewers, of which almost 1.5 million tonnes of waste, worth 2.7billion pounds, could have been avoided through better ways of planning and storage, the latest statistics reveal.

Diaries kept by 319 households across Britain show that milk is the most wasted drink, followed by fizzy soft drinks, fruit juices and smoothies.

Households cutting down on throwing away remaining pots of tea could cut down carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 4.6 million tonnes.

Although, some waste is generated when drinks reach their expiry date and can no longer be used, a large proportion of waste comes from the leftover juice or alcohol in a glass that is always thrown away.

The data also shows that cost of waste food and liquid in the average household has risen by 15pounds per month from last year to reach a new high of 50pounds a month.he average cost of drink wasted by families with children has reached 56.60pounds a month from 50pounds a month in 2008.

"There does not seem to be any incentive for people to save and store small quantities of liquid, whether it is milk or juice. They just tip it away," TimesOnline quoted Richard Swannell, director of retail at Wrap, as saying.It is possible, too, with fizzy soft drinks and bottled water that people are allowing them to go flat.

"We need to encourage people to use up leftover liquids in the same ways as food. It is perfectly acceptable to freeze and reuse custard and soup," he added.

"If you know you're not going to drink a full bottle when you open it, the best thing is to decant half into a smaller container. You can keep a few half bottles for this purpose and just wash them over again," Jasper Morris, master of wine at the leading merchants Berry Bros and Rudd, said.

He added: "The wine should be fine for at least a week, if not longer. The other option is to keep a bottle and use it over two or three nights.

"The best thing is to stop up the bottle and keep it in the fridge, whether it's red or white. It slows down the process of the wine going off. If it's a red wine you just leave it to warm at room temperature for about ten minutes before drinking." (ANI)

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