Now, in-car technology that gives warnings over reckless driving

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London, November 9 (ANI): Using in-car technology that gives out warnings over reckless driving may help reduce number of teenage deaths on the roads, experts believe.

Safety engineer Oren Musicant at Ben-Gurion University in Israel examined in-vehicle data recorders with teenage drivers over six months.

Staffordshire County Council, UK, had carried out a trial of the IVDRs that monitors unsafe driving events, such as overly sharp turns, heavy acceleration, hard braking and fast lane-changes, reports New Scientist.

Musicant found that the number of unsafe driving events undertaken by each driver was cut by half after the warning lights were switched on.

He proposed to the recent Intelligent Transport Systems conference in Stockholm, Sweden that the system could be added to the insurance companies mandate for teenage drivers.

He said: "Some insurance companies already adjust premiums depending on how far you drive - in pay-as-you-drive programmes. This could be part of such measures, lowering premiums if a teenager uses a risk detector."

The IVDRs are made by GreenRoad of San Francisco, California. (ANI)

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