Cheating hubby pays $100k to ex lover under new Oz 'mistress laws'!

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Melbourne, Nov 8 (ANI): A cheating husband has paid more than 100,000 dollars to his ex lover as part of Australia's new 'mistress laws'.

The Sunday Herald Sun reports that the Melbourne businessman was sued under changes to the Family Law Act - which gives rights to people in de facto relationships and same-sex marriages.

According to legal experts, the payout, prompted by the end of an affair of more than 20 years, will strike fear into the hearts of philanderers Down Under.

The woman, who has been kept anonymous for legal reasons, said that she deserved the money and suggested that others should follow her lead.

"I gave him the best years of my life," quoted her as saying.

"He always told me he would look after me, then he left me. I had committed myself fully to him for all those years and it just came to a dead end.

"He behaved like a gentleman toward me throughout our relationship - except at the end - and now he has been a gentleman again by doing the right thing.

"I saw our relationship as a loving companionship.

"He got a lot of relaxation away from the stresses of his business life. When he came to me he did not have to worry about business.

"And I provided him with a lot of moral and emotional support.

"So this is also about giving our relationship a validity. It is a recognition that I have added something of value to his life.

"Now I am beginning to come to terms with life again. The money provides me with a security in my later years.

"This law has made a difference for me, so hopefully it will make a difference for others like me," she added. (ANI)

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