Lesbian kiss girls win £1000 over nightclub ban!

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London, Nov 7 (ANI): Two lesbians, who were asked to stop kissing by staff of a nightclub, have won compensation of 1000 pounds from the club's bosses.

Elena Evenson, 22, and Mia Hallen, 25, filed discrimination complaints after bouncers told them kissing was not allowed while at the same time ignoring heterosexual couples who were snogging.

Supreme Court judges rejected an appeal by the Spy Bar in Stockholm, Sweden, against a lower court's payout ruling.

"The women haven't asked for special treatment, but for basic human rights," the Sun quoted Katri Linna, of Sweden's sexual discrimination ombudsman service, as saying.

"They only did something which is completely normal for two heterosexual people who love one another," Linna added. (ANI)

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