US, Pak would have to address each other's concerns for stronger ties: Clinton

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Washington, Nov.6 (ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that both America and Pakistan will have to work together to address each others concerns in order to build stronger bilateral ties.

Clinton said while the Obama Administration is concerned about Pakistan's current turbulent situation and has offered all help, Islamabad should also take note of the US' apprehensions.

"But at the same time, I wanted to stress that we're looking for a partnership, and they have to listen to our concerns as well as we listen to their concerns," she said

In an interview with the National Public Radio while on her way to Cairo, Clinton described her recent three-day Pakistan trip as 'overwhelmingly positive' and highlighted that Washington is working to build a strong base for bilateral ties with Pakistan

"The reaction that I got in Pakistan was overwhelmingly positive and I've been reading a lot of blogs and the reaction of the press in part because they're not used to anyone from the US government coming and opening herself to their concerns," Clinton said.

"They're just used to having somebody say, take it or leave it, with us or against us, go forward or not. I think we're building a stronger base for our relationship," she added.

When asked to clarify her comments that it was hard to believe that Islamabad was not aware of the whereabouts of Al-Qaeda leaders who were hiding inside the country's boundary, Clinton said her remarks were not meant to raise questions over the Pakistan government's anti-terror commitments.

"The whole purpose of my trip was to try to clear the air with the Pakistani people and government, to reassert our support, particularly in this very difficult conflict they're engaged in with the Taliban, and to listen and absorb all the criticism they have," The Daily Times quoted Clinton, as saying. (ANI)

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