Porn star backed 'Sex party' confident of success in Oz elections

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Melbourne, Nov 6 (ANI): In the Higgins by-election in Australia, a party backed by porn stars, called the Australian Sex Party, is sure that it will land a place in the Parliament.

Fiona Patten, a former sex industry lobbyist, who is running as the first Federal candidate for the Australian Sex Party, said that their party is not just a group of sex-crazed maniacs, but it will promote an educated, honest and frank discussion on sex education.

Her party wants to legalise the sale of X-rated films, decriminalise abortion, support same-sex marriage and create a sex education school program to include discussions on sexuality and relationships.

In fact, there's even talk of subsidising Viagra.

However, she revealed that even registering the party for beginning such political discussions proved difficult for her.

The electoral commission had to hold a hearing to determine if the word "sex" in her party's name was obscene, she said.

"That really shows the need for a sex party when there's still this concern by Government that just the word 'sex' could be seen as something bad," quoted Patten, 45, as saying.

"I think there is room in Parliament for a voice like ours to be heard," she added.

But she is realistic about her chances, hoping to at least grab a few votes from disaffected Liberal voters.

"I'm fairly certain we won't find a prime minister from the Australian Sex Party in my lifetime," she said.

Patten is up against 32-year-old Liberal candidate Kelly O'Dwyer, a National Australia Bank executive and senior adviser to Mr Costello, and One Nation candidate Steve Raskovy, a 72-year-old former Hungarian wrestler and refugee, Greens candidate Dr Clive Hamilton, David Collyer of the Australian Democrats and independent candidate Stephen Murphy.

Patten's supporters, many in their 20s or 30s, hope the sex party will be taken seriously.

Voters will heads to the polls in the Higgins by-election on December 5. (ANI)

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