Meet the boy who was raised by sheep for 8 years!

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London, November 06 (ANI): A 14-year-old-boy has been found living with a flock of sheep in the former Soviet Union.

In fact, doctors have suggested that he must have been living in makeshift shelter with the animals for eight years.

The boy does not have any sense of language and lacks civic virtues like knowing how to use a toilet.

Experts have explained that the child suffers from 'Mowgli' syndrome, and they fear he may never learn to read or write.

Also, the untamed boy tears off socks and shoes nurses put on his feet.

"He'll need a long period of adaptation," the Daily Express quoted a doctor as saying.

The boy is originally from Kyrgyzstan, however, his parents had come to Russia looking for work.

It is believed that the boy's grandmother took care of him until she died.

His misery had started after her body was found in a river.

He is now called the 'Sheep boy.' (ANI)

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