Australia must join Muslim Asia or perish, warns Taliban publication

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Melbourne, Nov.6 (ANI): An official Taliban publication has warned Australia that it will have to join a dominant Asia or face the prospect of being overpowered and forced to take population overspill from Asia.

The choice is spelled out in the latest issue of the online Taliban monthly magazine, Al Sumud (Steadfastness), whose lead article offers a sweeping view of a post-war order in which a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan becomes a moral pivot for a pan-Asian renaissance that will coincide with the decline of Western power.

"The end of European leadership in the world will place the white settler diaspora in Australia before two choices," writes the author, Mustafa Hamid, a former senior al-Qa'ida member who in 2001 married Australian Rabiah Hutchinson, a Sydney mother with links to Islamic extremists.

"It can either return to its motherland in Europe or reconcile with its Asian surroundings and assimilate into it as a wealthy and active member," the Daily Telegraph quoted Hamid, as saying further.

"There is no doubt that the huge growth in the population of Asia, together with its economic and military development, will make Australia into lebensraum-to use the European term," writes Hamid.

Lebensraum, meaning living space, was a term used by Nazi Germany as a motivation for territorial conquest.

Asia is facing a population explosion "while Australia is nearly empty of people, apart from scattered groups of white residents," he said. (ANI)

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