The unusual vows Kiwi couples make on their big day

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Wellington, Nov 5 (ANI): Celebrants, who are people who conduct wedding ceremonies, have revealed that they have noticed a rise in the number of Kiwi couples making unusual vows on their big day.

Christchurch celebrant Julie Lassen said there had been an increase in non-traditional vows.

"At the end of the day it's their wedding and I let them do what they want, as long as we meet the legal requirements," the Press NZ quoted her as saying.

Lassen went on to further reveal that at a wedding last weekend the husband vowed to accept his wife and make an effort to dispose of cat-food packaging properly.

At another, the groom vowed to let his wife list items on Trade Me, while the bride vowed not to clean out her husband's drawers.

But some celebrants did not meet the unusual vows with favour, with Christchurch celebrant June Russell saying that a marriage was a legal contract and vows were serious.

She had officiated at a wedding where the bride wanted to vow to update the groom's wardrobe and buy him gifts of golf clubs.

Christchurch celebrant Bez Blanche said marriage was "a decision you are making that is going to affect the rest of your life".

"It's not a joke, it's serious," Blanche said.

"I think laughing about remotes or asking the bride or groom to support a certain rugby club [as part of the vows] really isn't on," Blanche added.

However, celebrant Jenna Blackadder did allow lighter vows. She said one groom vowed not to "hog the television remote", but give his wife as many pats as the cat.

She added that such vows were more common among younger couples.

Christchurch celebrant Keith de Dulin said he officiated at a ceremony where the groom vowed to do the dishes twice a week, while the bride gave her husband permission to ride his motorcycle. (ANI)

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