Ten Most Boring Videos on YouTube listed

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London, Nov 4: In a list of ten most boring Youtube videos put together by The Telegraph, a video released by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on tax disclosure claimed the top spot.

A middle-aged man is seen wearing a dark suit with a red tie and poppy stands in front of a plain turquoise background, discussing the non-disclosure order.

Other partners in crime included 'Watching paint dry' where the maker had "cut out the middleman and put up the real thing", the British newspaper said.

Placed at the third position was 'Wickford to Southminster' (part one) showing a "computer simulation of what it would be like to sit in the driver's carriage of an ex-FGE Class 315 on a journey from Wickford to Southminster on a snowy day in December".

'Making an Airfix model of a Lysander' took the fourth spot, as it depicted not the building of model aeroplanes but an inventory of the parts.

Next in line was nine minutes and 53 seconds of 'Watching grass grow' followed by 'How to load and run a dishwasher' that gives an "in-depth look at the best way to load a standard two-tray dishwasher".

Sitting at number seven was 'A washing machine does its thing' that "goes to 1,000rpm and then, in a shocking twist, up to 1,200rpm" in the nearly six minute video.

Its unsurprising sequel was 'a tumble dryer' that seemingly appeared to show its "raining outside, so drying on the line is out of the question".

'Wrapping up the top 10 was 'The classroom-friendly pencil sharpener' and 'A cow chews the cud' that apparently left viewers as bored as the cows themselves.

The 10 boring videos on YouTube

1. HMRC's non-disclosure order

2. Watching paint dry

3. Wickford to Southminster (part one).

4. Making an Airfix model of a Lysander

5. Watching grass grow

6. How to load and run a dishwasher

7. A washing machine does its thing

8. The obvious sequel: a tumble dryer

9. The classroom-friendly pencil sharpener

10. A cow chews the cud


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