Marlon King's victim discloses brutal nightclub attack

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London, Nov 1(ANI): The 20-year-old victim of Premier League player Marlon King has bravely revealed her identity, and disclosed how she was taunted and floored in the nightclub attack.

Emily Carr, the student, was groped and punched in the face by Wigan Athletic striker King in a nightclub for which he has been sentenced to 18-months in jail.

"It was like having a brick smashed in your face. King hit me just like a professional boxer. He's a disgrace and should never be allowed on a football pitch again," The News of the World quoted Carr, as saying.

"King thought he was Mr Big, but he's just a thug with a gold card," she added.

Recalling about her ordeal, Carr said: "I only had two or three drinks before it happened, I certainly wasn't drunk. When I first saw King I didn't know who he was but my friend Tim told me. I support Arsenal but don't even know the names of our own players. Then I stood talking to my friends Nikki and Tim and suddenly felt someone grab my bum and grope me from behind. I could feel it was a man's hand."

"It was disgusting, a violation. It wasn't just a little pinch, it was a squeeze done in a sexual way. I was really offended. I swung round to see King there smirking, looking me up and down and leering. He was tall, in a tight-fitting top and seemed quite muscular. But he was acting like a dirty pervert. I looked him in the eye and slowly told him, 'Don't do that! Don't touch me," she added.

Hitting back at claims that she was dressed provacatively, Carr said: I was in a grey strapless woollen dress. You couldn't describe it as revealing, it was very conservative. But King was stood there looking me up and down like I was a piece of meat. As he loomed over me sniggering I caught glimpses of his gold tooth as the lights hit it."

"King then bragged, 'I'm a multi millionaire, love' - loud enough above the music for people to hear. That's when my friend Ryan came to my aid and told him firmly but politely, 'Come on mate, leave it. She's not interested.' But King wouldn't stop. He started pushing my head, poking and prodding me in the temple. Ryan again asked him not to touch me but King goaded him more by pulling my hair," she added.

The 20-year-old then give away the moment when she was punched, and said: There was no warning. I was knocked off my feet. I ever saw his hand, it came completely out of the blue. There was no warning. I was knocked off my feet." (ANI)

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