Impossible to keep footballers out of trouble: Wenger

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London, Nov 1 (ANI): Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes that it s becoming almost impossible to keep footballers out of trouble.

Wenger was as shocked when Wigan's Marlon King was jailed this eek for breaking a young woman's nose outside a nightclub.

The incident raised a national debate about the behaviour of some ootballers, accused of arrogantly believing the exorbitant alaries and celebrity status they enjoy are enough to place them bove the laws that apply to regular citizens, News of the World eports.

Wenger admits he has been put off buying some big name stars for he Gunners in the past because of concerns about their lifestyle ff the pitch.

But he says all managers are forced to some extent to 'go blind nd play poker' when they sign a player because they cannot know verything about their problems outside football.

"You can't be in management as long as I have and not have that ilemma. I can give you a list of big names who I have faced this roblem with. It is not always because they are bad guys, it can e because they are sometimes weak guys," Wenger said.

"They go out and they don't know where to stop. They do not aster their life. In London it's impossible to keep track of a layer's every move.

"Let's say you have a guy who drinks. He can drink at home, so ow can you control that? He can have parties at home. Twenty ears ago, the players went to the pub on a Tuesday and so on but ow it's not so public," he said.

"In ideal conditions no boss would make a mistake. It was always race against time with opponents who may also want to sign the layer. Sometimes you have to go blind and play poker," Wenger dded.

Wenger believes all managers do their best to analyse the haracter of a footballer before paying out millions of pounds to ring them to their clubs, News of the World reports. (ANI)

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