Clinton's blunt remarks gave Pak leadership much-needed dose of reality: Experts

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Washington, Oct.31 (ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during her three-day visit to Pakistan, left no stone unturned in making the hosts realise the severity of the threat to its existence that the extremists pose.

Experts believe that Clinton's tough talk and her blunt remarks over Islamabad's unprofessional attitude over tackling the impending threat has given the Pakistani leadership the 'much needed' dose of reality and made them realise that it will have to perform on the ground rather than just cry for the lack of international support.

Clinton, during a programme on a private television news channel, made it clear that the Pakistani leadership must understand that there is trust deficit between both the countries and that it can only be reduced by working together.

"Trust is a two-way street. There is trust deficit.It will not be sufficient to achieve the level of security that Pakistanis deserve if we don't go after those who are still threatening not only Pakistan, but Afghanistan, and the rest of the world," she said.

Experts said Clinton's words clearly conveyed a tough message to Islamabad, however, its effect remains to be seen.

"This is going to bring some realism to the relationship. Clinton's comments are a useful corrective to the Pakistan overdependency that's at risk of developing," Fox News quoted Ashley Tellis, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, as saying.

According to Tellis, Pakistan has information regarding the whereabouts of Afghan Taliban leaders.

Tellis said Islamabad knows where the Al-Qaeda leadership was hiding inside the county, but has not taken any action against it, as it fears that Washington would stop providing the massive monetary and military support that it is providing currently, once the extremists are killed or apprehended.

"They're not pursuing them aggressively enough because they fear that if they apprehend them quickly, they will not remain a target of American interest and partnership," he said.

However, some believe Clinton went too far while suggesting that Pakistan knows about the whereabouts of Al-Qaeda leaders, but doesn't want to act.

"To say categorically that Pakistan knows where Al Qaeda leaders are but doesn't want to get them is a little bit of a stretch," said Rick 'Ozzie' Nelson, a senior fellow at the International Security Program in Washington.

"Clinton's frustration is understandable, but that the situation is not as black and white as her comments may indicate," Nelson added. (ANI)

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