Meet Barbie's new boyfriend - fake-tanned Palm Beach 'Sugar Daddy' Ken

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Melbourne, October 30 (ANI): Toy doll Barbie's longtime boyfriend Ken has undergone a makeover, and will hit stores next year with a new name and higher style quotient.

Mattel has launched Ken in the new avatar 'Sugar Daddy Ken' for the toys adult fans.

"The 'Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken' is actually part of the adult Barbie Collector Line. It is targeted toward adults," quoted a spokeswoman as telling the New York Post.

According to, which sells the toy, the new version called 'Sugar Daddy Ken' is dressed in "a dashing jacquard-patterned jacket with a light pink polo shirt and crisp white pants".

It has silver hair and a fake tan and carries a little white dog.

The other accessories he sports are floral swimming trunks, flip-flops, sunglasses and a bottle of water.

The website states: "This Ken Doll is ready for the Palm Beach social season, sunning by the pool, and a stroll with his furry little companion."

Mattel has clarified that the name is not suggestive of an older man with a younger lover.

The rep explained: "The little dog's name is actually Sugar. That's where the name comes from. He's Sugar's daddy, as a reference to the dog."

The spokesperson insisted that the new doll is result of popular demand among Mattel's Barbie adult lovers who wanted Ken to have his own place in the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

The doll set to hit stores in April 2010 is priced at 69.99 US dollars. (ANI)

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