Radio Pakistan's latest worry is adulteration of food in Punjab

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Abohar, Oct.29 (ANI): Radio Pakistan in its latest broadcast has expressed concern on adulteration of food in Punjab. The allegation is that all traders are Hindus and they are doing so to hurt the Sikh community.

People living in border villages of Punjab are aware that adulteration does happen, but it is not directed against any particular community. The traders want to make more money, but they deny that they resort to adulteration.

"We sell the same goods to people of all castes and religions. Customer is like God for us because if he buys things from us only then we will earn something and be able to fulfill our family needs," said Shammi, a shopkeeper.

According to Parkash Doshi, a senior lawyer, in Abohar the latest allegations of Radio Pakistan are baseless, as there is nothing hat can establish the prevalence of any such practices there .

"Shopkeepers are both Hindus and Sikhs and they buy things from the same shops, so this can't be proved scientifically that some thing has adverse effect on Sikhs and not on Hindus," said Parkash Doshi, a senior lawyer.

People of all religious faiths and ethnicities can be noticed in markets of Punjab. It sounds ridiculous even to imagine that somebody would like to supply adulterated food or items to those who ensure his or her livelihood.

The world knows Pakistan is today the epicentre of terrorism, courtesy its long pursued policy of providing 'moral' support to xtremists. Instead of getting worried about adulteration in India, it should look inwards. Meanwhile, thanks to Radio akistan we will eliminate 'adulterated goods' in local markets of Punjab , says Gulab Singh from Abohar.(ANI)

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