Kadhafi proposes nuclear weapons for Palestinians

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London, Oct 26: Speaking to Britain's Sky News, Libyan leader Maomer Kadhafi said that Arab nations including Palestinians should be allowed nuclear weapons as long as Israel is allowed to do so.

In an interview on Monday, Oct 26, Kadhafi said that if Israel has nuclear weapons and nuclear capabilities than it is the right of the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Saudis and even the Palestinians to have the same because their counterparts, or their opponents, have it.

However the Libyan leader said that he is against the manufacturing of nuclear weapons irrespective of the nations who are involved in it.

"It should be clear and evident that they we are against anyone who manufactures, possesses a nuclear weapon, whether it is Iran, America, Libya, or the Israelis," Kadhafi said.

Stating that he would oppose Iran if it intends to do so, Kadhafi said that Iran has not declarded manufacturing of nuclear weapons but instead has claimed of enriching uranium."If Iran were to manufacture nuclear weapons, nuclear arms, then all of us will be against them. But Iran has not said so."

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