Kerry playing a greater role in Afghanistan with Clinton's support

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Washington, Oct 23 (ANI): Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry appears to be playing a far more significant role in matters relating to Afghanistan with the wholehearted support of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"We have an immense amount at stake in Afghanistan, and I felt 'when you see a moment, move,'" Kerry told Politico earlier this week.

He further confirmed that his working relationship with Secretary Clinton was "terrific", and added that "I reached out to her, she gave me her confidence, she was completely supportive."

In truth, the two former Senate colleagues seem more settled these days in their parallel, post-presidential-candidate lives.

"He's never been more happy in the Senate," said a longtime aide.

When much of the competition took place with Clinton regarding who would be secretary of state, Kerry wasn't yet sure that he would have his chairmanship to fall back on.

Now more secure, he proved helpful to Clinton in Kabul - building trust with Karzai, whose relations with special envoy Richard Holbrooke have grown strained.

Kerry prides himself on his ability to negotiate settlements.

He says: "My principle became, 'How do you make some good come out of this mess?'

"That's what life is about; there's no shortage of messes. That's the challenge. That's what makes it fun," he added.

Kerry had a private meeting with President Obama Wednesday, after having helped persuade Afghan President Hamid Karzai to agree to a runoff election in his country.

The White House has expressed its deep appreciation for his role in seeking some political resolution to the contested election. (ANI)

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