Mitsubishi's 'fart-fighting' car waves off bad odours!

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Sydney, Oct 21 (ANI): That unexpected passing of wind will now be a little less embarrassing, thanks to a new Japanese concept car that has special seats which can dispel offensive odours.

At the Tokyo motor show, Mitsubishi introduced the PX-Miev with a new interior package, which it calls 'cocochi'.

The PX-Miev upholstery incorporates an anti-allergen coating that Mitsubishi says breaks down offensive odours and volatile organic compounds as well as deactivating allergens such as ticks and pollen.

Other than fighting the farts, the PX-Miev's four seats are air-conditioned to ensure any remaining odours are quickly distributed and dispelled.

In fact, the air-conditioning system in the vehicle pumps out aroma molecules as well as negative-ion and enriched oxygen to reduce fatigue and enhance comfort.

And a driver-monitoring system uses a distinctive fragrance as a warning if it thinks concentration is wavering.

It also issues audible, visual and vibrational warnings, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

In addition, the PX-Miev also takes care of your looks, what with its new-age interior including a radiation-blocking glass that prevents darkening and aging of the skin. (ANI)

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