Guantanamo bay inmates to be tried on US soil

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Washington, Oct 21: Six months after the appeal, US Supreme Court agrees to hear the case of 13 Chinese Muslim Uighurs, detained in Guantanamo Bay, in Jan 2010. The fourth case involving examination by the nation's highest legal body will be Obama's first hearing.

The lawyers of the detainees had filed an appeal to the Supreme Court after the decision by the federal judge to release these men on US soil was ruled out.

The inmates hailing from Uighur Muslim minority in China's remote Xinjiang region, were among the 22 prisoners held in the US Military Base in Cuba If released they will join the list of 15 inmates released so far after their arrest during the US led invasion of Afghanistan.

Speaking to a news agency lawyer George Clarke, said, "We are hopeful that the continued imprisonment of these men will soon be over and that the court will ratify the rights of Guantanamo prisoners to do more than seek -- but actually to find -- their release," he said.

The Supreme Court decision came after the approval by the House of Representatives last week to allow Guantanamo Bay detainees to be tried on US soil, contrary to the house-approved measures which forbids the release of detainees of US naval base in Cuba on US soil.

While Obama pledges to close down the controversial jail by Jan 2010,countries across are apprehensive in taking the captives. So far only 27 detainees have been transferred since Obama's election.

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