Punjab's Tarksheel society works against superstition

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Ludhiana, Oct. 20 (ANI): Even as modern technology and science has motivated people to think rationally in life, there are a lot of people who are trapped in the whirlpool of superstition and fake 'miracle' claims of rogues.

Punjab's Tarksheel society of people devoted to promote rational behaviour has dedicated itself to the cause of spreading awareness against superstition and awakening the society at large against its dangers.

Since 1985, Tarksheel Society is working towards this social cause. It organizes events, mostly in the rural areas, to promote a scientific attitude towards life through its team of olunteers.

They make people aware about the detrimental effects of superstitions on individuals as well as the society.

"There is need for scientific development and progress in society because an uneducated and superstitious society cannot progress as good as other countries. We should move forward with a scientific mindset like other countries if we want to make our country and society progressive. We are doing this keeping in mind the welfare of our people, the society and the country," said Pooran, a volunteer with Taraksheel Society, Punjab (Regd.). Some of its modes to spread social awareness include publishing books and organizing plays at different places.

Through plays they spread the message of rationalism in a powerful and impressive way with subjects like countering superstitions and fighting against social ills like drug addiction and female foeticide being their issues of concern.

Tarksheel Society's efforts have brought about a gradual change. "The saints and astrologers have created a fear in people's mind that pains and sorrows are written in their destiny but Tarksheel Society says that nothing is written in the destiny and political leaders have corrupted the social structure for their personal interests. They are also spread awareness among people about female feticide," said Charanpreet Singh, a villager. "The number of girls per 1000 boys has declined to 793. If the boys can't get married, it can lead to social problems.

We make the young generation aware of the consequences of what our forefathers have been practicing for several years. We have to stop it to maintain a balance in the society," said Sarabjeet, a villager.

The Tarksheel Society vehemently advocates the separation of religion and education on principles of secularism. It also stands against all kinds of repression and exploitation. The society does not believe in rebirth or in religious customs and rituals. It works towards making people understand that we are all mortal souls and we should think in terms of donating our body it to serve other human beings. By Karan Kapoor (ANI)

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