Rushdie is cowardly and immature: Ex-girlfriend

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London, Oct 19: Salman Rushdie, controversial India-born author, was accused by his latest lover US actress Pia Glenn that he is "cowardly, dysfunctional and immature" who dumped her by email after their brief love affair.

Speaking in an interview, Glenn said, "Whatever he wanted from me, he certainly wasn't honest about it. Salman is dysfunctional and immature."

"All Rushdie, who is lionised for his courage in the face of a religious fatwa over his book 'The Satanic Verses', cares about his own satisfaction. He wasted months of my life and left me feeling as if I'd been punched in the gut. And breaking up by email is just cowardly," Glenn said.

Meanwhile Rushdie has refuted the actress' claims and stated that, "Ms Glenn is an aspiring actress who is plainly in search of publicity any way she can get it. Her account of our relationship, and of my attitudes and opinions, is false. However, I wish her well."

According to media reports, the actress who first met Rushdie in 2007 claimed that the author pursued her for more than a year and after a string of dates she finally mov-ed in his New York home in Jan 2009.

Rushdie dumped her three months ago after they shared a trip to Capri, in Italy and London.

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