Fury over Malaysian MP's call to ban beer and condoms in convenience stores

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Kuala Lumpur, Oct 19(ANI): Zulkifli Noordin, a Malaysian MP known for his firebrand politics, has been lambasted by opposition party members for urging a ban on the sale of beer and condoms in convenience stores across the country.

Earlier, Noordin had also submitted a Private Members' Bill in which he had called for a ban on convenience stores from selling condoms and beer.

Reacting over the Bill, Wanita MCA chief, Chew Mei Fun, said that Noordin was "overzealous" in his perception that those who drank liquor and used condoms were up to no good, and criticised his views on the issue.

"The use of condoms is more for family planning and safe sex - to prevent the spread of diseases like HIV/AIDS. As for beer, it's just for socialising and leisure," The Star quoted Chew, as saying.

"Zulkifli should learn to be more open minded and respect other people's opinions and freedom. With freedom, I'm not talking about free sex, but safe sex and family planning," she added.

Chew further said that education was more important in the country to control citizens from indulging in unfavourable activities.

Meanwhile, Malaysian AIDS Council executive director Bakhtiar Talhah said that condoms have been effective in curbing HIV/AIDS in the country, and the government should make sure that they are easily available in the market.

"Convenience is the key in encouraging condom use. Any measure to remove them from being easily purchased by the public should be looked at purely from a public health perspective by the relevant authorities," Talhah said. (ANI)

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