India, Pakistan can normalize relations only through dialogue says Nirupama Rao

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New Delhi, Oct 18(ANI): Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao has said that only through a dialogue, relations between India and Pakistan can be normalized.

Speaking to All India Radio, in an interview with Kalyani Shankar, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said: "We have had useful meeting with the Pakistani Foreign Secretary and our External Affairs Minister with his Pakistani counterpart. They were useful meetings that were held in New York last month. And during these meetings we were able to communicate to the Pakistani side that it is only through dialogue that we can normalize relations between the two countries and build more satisfying degree of understanding between the two countries."

Nirupama Rao also said that it was necessary for the Pakistan Government to address the threat of terrorism seriously, and take effective steps to eliminate terror outfits.

"It is very essential and we were communicating this to the Pakistani side on behalf of the Government of India and also on behalf of the people of India that the threat and the effect of terrorism, which has been directed against the people of India from Pakistani soil by groups, by institutions, by individuals that operate with impunity from Pakistani soil, is the cause of utmost concern for us, because we have been victims of terrorism," she added.

Rao also emphasized that unless the Pakistani authorities take strict action against terrorists, particularly those involved in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks last year, the process will never see an end to these problems.

"I feel very very strongly that we must continue to emphasize our concerns to Pakistan because what we are saying is for the good of Pakistan also. You see the effect of terrorism in Pakistan also, so I think it is time that Pakistan understood the danger, the clear and present danger that exists from terrorism," Rao said.

"We are the voice of sanity, the Indian Government and the Indian people, and I think Pakistan must come round to understanding the sincerity and the seriousness that we attach to this," she added. (ANI)

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