Coach Capello hurls tray at wall over England player's mobile phone use

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London, Oct.18 (ANI): A furious coach Fabio Capello stunned his England stars when he hurled a metal food tray against a hotel wall after spotting one player texting on his mobile phone during a meal while the team was in Ukraine.The Italian was so angry at the breach of one of his strictest rules, he picked up a metal serving platter and launched it at a wall, The News of The World reports.He then turned on his squad and made it clear he would not tolerate any further breaches of discipline.

Capello's strict regime includes a rule that bans phones from all dining rooms. The players must also leave the dining room as a squad, rather than as individuals.An agent of one of the players said: "The players eat at two tables with the coaches on another.

During dinner, Capello saw one of the players secretly texting with his phone beneath the table.

"Before anybody really knew what was happening, Capello stood up and threw one of the trays across the room and it hit the opposite wall.

"He then shouted at the players that all he demanded was one hour of their time during meals without any distractions, especially people using mobile phones.

"It was a real shock for the players to see Capello like this.

They'd seen him angry before but he'd never reacted quite as violently. They spent the rest of the meal in absolute silence and everybody was scared to catch his eye. If he wanted to remind them who was in charge, it worked."

Capello's determination to impose discipline on the England squad has won him many admirers at the highest level within the FA. It has also earned him the absolute respect of the players who are determined not to upset or anger him with a World Cup on the horizon. (ANI)

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