Radical Muslim group to demand full imposition of Sharia law in UK

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London, Oct.15 (ANI): The fanatical group -- Islam4UK - has announced plans to hold a potentially incendiary rally here later this month to further its aim of imposing sharia law on Britain.

According to The Telegraph, members have urged Muslims from all over Britain to converge on the capital on October 31 for a procession to demand full implementation of sharia law.

On a website to promote their cause, they deride British institutions, showing a mock-up picture of Nelson's Column surmounted by a minaret.

Plans for the demonstration have been delivered to the Metropolitan Police and could see up to 5,000 extremists marching to demand the controversial system.he procession - dubbed March 4 Shari'ah - will start at the House of Commons, which the group's website describes as the "very place where the lives of millions of people in the UK are changed and it is from here where unjust wars are launched".

The group then intends to march to 10 Downing Street and "call for the removal of the tyrant Gordon Brown from power".

The march will then converge on Trafalgar Square where protesters expect it "will gather even more support from tourists and members of the public, making clear in the heart of London the need for Shari'ah in society".

Last night politicians and fellow Muslims condemned the group's incendiary comments, which come in the wake of recent violent incidents in towns and cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Luton, Beds.

Conservative MP and ex-Army officer Patrick Mercer said: "It is extremely distasteful and is stoking the fires of fear within the British public. If anyone thinks that those views are a step forward in society they are seriously deluded. They are repellent and repulsive."

Tory MP Philip Davies said: "This march is clearly a deliberate and provocative attempt to incite racial tension and disrupt community cohesion. The simple solution is for these people to move to a country which already has sharia law."

A spokesman for the Islamic Society of Britain said: "99.999 per cent of Muslims despise these people. This only serves to fuel racial -tensions."

Tory MP and Daily Express columnist Ann Widdecombe, said: "You cannot have two legal systems side by side and the one we have now works and the British people are perfectly happy with it."

The rally has not yet been given final approval, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said. (ANI)

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