Boris Becker says 'cupboard sex' was actually on stairs!

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London, Oct 15 (ANI): Tennis ace Boris Becker has revealed that his much-publicised "broom cupboard" restaurant romp actually happened on some stairs.

The former Wimbledon champion had sex with model Angela Ermakova on steps at London's Nobu diner.

"I don't know if a bathroom is a better place but it actually happened on the stairs between the bathrooms so there was no broom cupboard," The Sun quoted him as saying.

Earlier, he had said of the liaison: "It wasn't even an affair. It was an act that lasted five seconds."

Boris, 41, had said that he was full of "guilt and shame" over the quickie which happened just after he retired following Wimbledon in 1999.

It produced a child and cost his marriage to wife Barbara Feltus.

However, Boris insisted he now loved the daughter Anna that he initially doubted was his.

"I live and learn. It cost my marriage, it cost for the next couple of years my private life but having Anna is not a mistake any more. I have a beautiful daughter. Today, I wouldn't want to miss it for a minute. I love her very much," he told Piers Morgan on ITV1's Lifestories. (ANI)

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