Terry reveals coach Capello's dreaded 'laser-zap' secret of success

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London, Oct 14(ANI): England captain John Terry has revealed an interesting, but dreaded laser beam technique used by coach Fabio Capello to point out mistakes after minutely studying performance of players.

Terry explained how Capello takes note of the team's performances on DVD, and how he freezes the video to point a laser beam directly at the player when he spots a mistake.

"When the manager first came in, we watched videos of the first few games and he wanted the players to work a lot harder. If a defender goes forward, it's a sprint not a jog back to get into position. When the manager stops the film and shows that there you are jogging back at three-quarter pace, he highlights that it really does make a difference if you can sprint back and help your team-mates," The Sun quoted Terry, as saying.

"As he is showing the game, you know the minute where you've made your mistake, or a misplaced pass, and you're thinking, 'Please don't stop it now'. Then he stops it and gets his red beam and flashes it at you. I've had it a couple of times," he added.

Terry further said that Capello is really clever with his managerial skills, as the players have now got used to running back quickly and it comes naturally to them.

He also added that players are giving their best under Capello's guidance due to his strict rules of being competitive all the time.

"Even the players who are playing regularly for England feel under threat. If we are not performing at club level or this level, the manager is strong enough to drop us. He has shown that previously. So, for those not in the squad at the moment, there should be that real desire in their stomachs to get themselves on the plane," Terry said.

"Every player now has to fight for his place, including me and the vice-captain. We all feel that. I genuinely mean it. Every day in training - if you have a bad session, the manager is on top of you, asking you if you're tired and what's wrong," he added. (ANI)

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