Now a party bike that holds two beer kegs, bags of ice, pizza tray, sound system!

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Melbourne, Oct 13 (ANI): A company has come up with a novel idea for a party bike by fixing two beer kegs, bags of ice, pizza tray and sound system to it.

The Hopworksfiets party bike is a merger of human-powered pizza delivery, beer on tap and portable entertainment system, reports the Daily Telegraph.

It was created by bike builders Metrofiets in Portland, Oregon, in the US, and is designed to deliver everything you need to get your party started.

Building upon a Metrofiets cargo bike design, which puts the load in front of the rider, the main cargo of the Hopworksfiets is contained in a large metal "bucket" which holds two full-sized kegs and 11kg of ice.

After travelling through 50 feet of cooling coil, perfectly chilled beer flows into your glass from custom designed taps made from Shimano components.

The rear rack is designed to hold a stack of pizza boxes, and its front has an inlaid counter top for guests to gather around, and a clever sound system hidden inside a funky, wooden pannier on the back. (ANI)

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