Hillary Clinton would rather retire than run for White House

Published: Tuesday, October 13, 2009, 16:10 [IST]

Washington, Oct.13 (ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she would rather retire than run for the White House.

Speaking in an interview to NBC, Clinton, when asked to answer Yes or No on whether she would ever run for president, replied no She said that her current position as Secretary of State gave her all the opportunity she needed to be a "very positive force to implement the kind of changes that the president and I believe are in the best interests of our country."

"But that doesn't mean that it all has to be me-me-me all the time. I like lifting people up. ... I am part of the team that makes the decisions. I mean, this is a great job. It is a 24X7 job. And I'm looking forward to retirement at some point," Politico quoted Clinton, as saying. (ANI)

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