Allahabad police condemn obsolete weapons

Posted By: Staff
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Allahabad, Oct 13 (ANI): Learning lessons from past follies, police in Allahabad have made a bid not to be caught on the wrong foot next time around.

Lest their guns get jammed at the decisive moment, the men in 'khaki' have undertaken an exercise to ensure their guns are well-oiled and do not get stuck at the appointed hour.

Like any other beat constable on the street, these policemen armed with the outdated .303 rifles and their officer, usually an inspector, with a pistol strapped on the belt, may not be quite of a match against terrorists wielding a Kalashnikov, but that is certainly no reason for the police to scoot or give up without a fight.

So the city police undertook with much fanfare the drill that otherwise ought to be routine with any weapon but is rarely heard of with any police force in the country.

"The main aim of this practice is to check whether if the weapons are functioning properly if they are not functioning properly our technicians present here rectify the fault and if the fault can't be rectified they are discarded and a demand list for new weapons is placed with the police headquarters," said Mohit Aggarwal, Superintendent of Police (SP), Pratapgarh. (ANI)

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