Pre-Columbian graves found in Peru

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Caracas (Venezuela), October 11 (ANI): A team of archaeologists with Peru's National Institute of Culture, or INC, discovered a dozen graves and an equal number of pre-Columbian earthen enclosures at a complex located in an urban district of the ancient city of Cuzco.

According to a report in the Latin American Herald Tribune, the discovery was made at an archaeological site known as Qata Ccasapata Llacta.

Reports indicate that people dedicated to serving the elite in Inca times lived at that satellite settlement.

The site is located in the northwestern part of that southeastern city, near a ravine and overlooking the Francisco Bolognesi housing community.

Also found at the same complex was an altar that may have served as a place of worship for the inhabitants of the village, according to archaeologist Carmen Concha Olivera.

"One of the 12 graves was believed to be that of a important person because his skeletal remains were placed inside a large funerary urn along with 10 metal, ceramic and stone objects," Concha Olivera said.

Surrounding the urn were three graves of children who may have been sacrificed and another of a woman who could have been the man's wife, all located alongside a stone incense burner.

"Most of the graves were found inside the earthen enclosures, while the others were found underneath patios, stairs and footpaths," Concha Olivera said.

Seven of the graves have been perfectly preserved, but the ther five have been looted by robbers.

The architecture is rustic and features reused material dating back to the local Killke culture, which preceded the Incas, and other elements were found including small patio-like spaces, passageways and terraces. (ANI)

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